Why TrueTales Newsletter?

Truetales newsletter keeps you updated on our latest articles, stories, criticisms, poems and  a host of them. 

We tend to use the newsletter to keep our visitors prepared for what we might be coming up with at any moment. From our newsletter page, writers, story-tellers, poets and critics will be able to know our weekly, monthly or yearly themes ,which would aid them in writing to us about any topic announced in our newsletter. It is a form of guidelines to our visitors.

How often will information be updated in this newsletter? 

Information can be updated in TrueTales newsletter either weekly, monthly or yearly. It totally depends on the issue or topic to be discussed about. We urge our visitors to visit our newsletter more often to know what exactly we have for them.

Is the newsletter limited to storytelling, poems,articles and criticisms? 

Absolutely not!  Apart from latest storytelling, poems, articles and criticisms, TrueTales newsletter also contains latest events organized or attended by our agency. Its a whole body of information which covers every aspect of Truetales .

So, practically speaking, TrueTales newsletter guides what the agency does?

Absolutely! Like we said before, it is a guideline for both the readers and the writers, which invariably its a guideline for the agency as a whole. We cannot put out something  to people who may be anxiously waiting for it, only to turn around and dash their hopes. We are professionals and the interest of our visitors is our utmost priority.

What more are we to expect from this newsletter?

Its simple! Expect more updates from our newsletter . And find out when, where and how you can contact us to share your stories with us.

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